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Blondiau is a Belgian painter. After 15 years spent in London (UK) he moved recently to the Netherlands (Oegstgeest). From 2019 he has been working mostly on monochrome landscape paintings. 


Blondiau’s work is about conveying the positive energy of nature. The technique used in Blondiau’s paintings is unique, combining engraving and oil approaches. The first step consists of painting a white panel in black. The artist then gradually retrieves the white using different tools. This technique gives a fascinating quality to the light that seems to emerge from the painting itself.

"The material I use is important in my work. I like to use simple products and to transform them into something elegant and alive.  The objective of my work is to create an object that is quietly beautiful and that says something about our reality"

Click on each thumbnails for more explanations from the artist. Click on "Techniques/interviews" if you wish to know more about the artist.  

Blondiau's paintings are shown in Leiden, Gouda and Den Haag. Contact the artist for any inquiry.  

Seascapes (Click on images for close up)

Landscapes and figures (Click on images for close up)

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