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Feel free to watch the four small videos below where I explain why and how I paint. Although they are in French, they are subtitled in English for your convenience. Additionally, there are other videos available that demonstrate practical examples of the scratching technique I use in my paintings. If you prefer to read, there is an interesting article by G. Boccardi below or you can read an interview by Jackson art  and an article by Emptyeasel  by clicking on the links. I regularly share tips on technique and comments on my instagram page  here   Finally more videos on my work are available on my yourtube chanel here . 


Welcome to my website! I am a landscape artist who strives to capture the energy and vitality of nature in my paintings. I believe that nature is not an inert matter, but a living world with an interiority that deserves our attention.

In the West, we often feel disconnected from the natural world, despite talking about it a lot. My goal is to create paintings that facilitate emotional intimacy with nature and encourage us to reconnect with the living world. Through my art, I aim to make nature “resonate” with us and bring us closer to its beauty and power.

Painting seascapes is particularly important to me. The ocean has long been known to have healing and transformational properties, and my seascapes aim to capture this essence. I believe that looking at the ocean can provide us with a sense of connection to something beyond ourselves, a feeling of the vastness of the world and our place within it.

My paintings are meant to serve as a tool for meditation. By using a monochrome technique, I avoid the usual distracting bombardment of visual stimuli and allow the viewer to focus on the movement and forms suggested by the many fine scratches on the canvas. I hope that my seascapes will draw you into a mildly meditative state and provide a sense of calmness and awareness.



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