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I am a landscape painter. I paint with oil on hardboard and I use a scratching technique. My works are painted in a variation of greys. I use very few color  because I think that color is not fundamental in the process of seeing. More important are contrasts, movements and depth which I achieve with many fine scratches and a lot of attention to values. I think my technique permits to catch the reality in a  better way than what traditional painting does. In other words my paintings look more real in black and white than they would in color.

I am interested in the reality. I try to represent the reality as it is felt when we look at it. I try to paint the feeling of being there in the middle of nature. I try to paint this impression that we sometimes have when looking at the nature of a dissolution between inner and external worlds. 


​You will find below a number of small videos in which I explain why and how I paint. In some videos, I demonstrate practical examples of the scratching technique I use in my paintings. If you prefer to read, there is an interesting article by G. Boccardi below or you can read an interview by Jackson art  and an article by Emptyeasel  by clicking on the links. I regularly share tips on technique and comments on my instagram page  here    


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