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 I paint landscapes. I try to show nature as an entity that has its own energy. I consider that nature  is not an inert matter but is a living world with an interiority. In the West we are often separated from this living world. Although we talk a lot about it, there is few real interaction with nature. What I try to do in my paintings is to show nature differently, to make it “resonate” with us. By this I mean  to reconnect us with the living world and to facilitate an emotional intimacy with nature.

The seascapes are particularly important to me.  We know that oceans have healing and transformational properties. When looking at oceans we can feel a connection to something beyond oneself, a sense of the vastness of the world and how we relate to it all. I paint these seascapes as a tool for meditation. There are meant to draw the viewer into a mildly meditative state experimenting calmness and awareness. The technique plays a role here. Painting in monochrome permits to avoid the usual distracting bombardment of visual stimuli. The waves are suggested by the many fine scratchings which looking from the distance, combine into movement and forms.   


In the four small videos below, I explain why and how I paint. These are in French, but they are subtitled in English. The other videos show practical examples of the scratching technique that I use. If you prefer to read, there is an interesting article by G. Boccardi below or you can read an interview by Jackson art  and an article by Emptyeasel  by clicking on the linksI regularly share tips on technique and comments on my instagram page  here   Finally more videos on my work are available on my yourtube chanel here . 

Claude Lorent, "Sur le Motif", la libre, 22 mai 2001

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