Blondiau komt  uit  België.  Na 15 jaar in Londen (VK) te hebben gewoond, is hij onlangs naar Nederland verhuisd. Het werk van Blondiau gaat over het overbrengen van de positieve energie van de natuur. Zijn techniek is uniek: hij combineert gravures en olieverf benaderingen en het lijkt dat het licht uit het schilderij zelf komt. Blondiau is beïnvloed is door traditionele Aziatische schilderkunst en het taoïsme, dat de nadruk legt op harmonie met de natuurlijke wereld. Blondiau creëert verstilde schoonheid.


Blondiau is a Belgian painter. After 15 years spent in London (UK) he moved to the Netherlands. From 2019 he has been working mostly on monochrome landscape paintings. The technique used in Blondiau’s paintings is unique, combining engraving and oil approaches. The first step consists of painting a white panel in black. The artist then gradually retrieves the white using different tools. This technique gives a fascinating quality to the light that seems to emerge from the painting itself. 

"I paint landscapes. I try to show nature as an entity that has its own energy. I consider that nature  is not an inert matter but is a living world with an interiority. In the West we are often separated from this living world. There is a loss of interaction with nature. We talk a lot about nature but are we able to feel the living world for what it is? What I try to do in my paintings is to show nature differently, to make it “resonate” with us. By this I mean  to reconnect us with the living world and to facilitate an emotional intimacy with nature "

"Ce que j’essaye de faire dans ma peinture c’est de donner à voir et à sentir la nature autrement, à la faire résonner en nous. Faire résonner ça veut dire créer un lien entre nous et ce monde qui nous semble extérieur, un lien qui nous permette d’aller vers ce monde et de laisser ce monde venir en nous"  

In the four small videos below, I explain why and how I paint. These are in French, but they are subtitled in English. The other videos show practical examples of this scratching technique that I developed.   


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Claude Lorent, "Sur le Motif", la libre, 22 mai 2001